Kids "Light Always Wins" T-Shirt | Black OM680A

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All profits from this capsule collection we have created in collaboration with kids will be donated to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine via Hearts for Ukraine Foundation. 

Through recent events in Ukraine we felt lost and frustrated, unable to explain to ourselves and our kids the reason behind hatred, aggression and chaos around us. We thought kids might have some answers for us as they often see things from a fresh, innocent perspective. 

Kid’s perspective on conflict resolution, inclusion, and acceptance turned out to be much more explicit than anything we could teach them. We wanted to give kids a voice and opportunity to be heard and learned from.

We’re hoping this project would encourage us to listen more to our own inner child, accept and listen to the other, whether they’re on another side of the border or on the other side of the political spectrum, from a different culture or a different class, race or personal identity. 

We filmed a little Q&A with kids from different countries and backgrounds and the result can be seen here in a short documentary. Our favorite quotes were used on t-shirts and hoodies that became a part of this charitable collection.

Their point of view gives us hope and we’re hoping to share and spread that feeling. A feeling that light, goodness, justice - will win at the end. Because it always does.

  • Gender neutral boxy fit - please see our size specs
  • Machine embroidery front & back
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Machine wash gentle cycle, please do not tumble dry