They might be tiny but already determined and adventurous. We got just what you need to complement your baby's unique personality: effortless vibe, cool prints, softest fabrics and stylish cuts for rompers, pants, dresses, and tees that won't mess with their adventures! All clothes are made in the USA.

BABY / 0–24 MONTHS (38)

Baby Dress with Ruffle | Grey OM375


Baby Striped Shirt Dress | Red OM374


Baby Kimono Cardigan | Light Blue OM368


Baby Long Sleeve T-shirt with 'Going Places' Print | Brown OM342b


Baby Long Sleeve T-shirt with 'Been Around' Print | Gray OM342b


Baby T-Shirt with Print | Black OM292


Baby T-Shirt with Print | Pink OM292


Baby Knit Harem Pants with Snowy Owls Print | OM263 White


Baby Knit Beanie with Icebergs Print | OM262 Charcoal