Top Toys OMAMImini Recommends for 2019

by Ola Omami on May 25, 2019

Toys We Love

I have so many memories of playing house with my Barbie dolls, and I still have the certificate for my first Cabbage Patch doll, Sylvia. 

Toys aren’t just for play; toys can provide comfort, educational value and other functions. But as kids entertainment continues to grow on a virtual medium with iPad games and interactive shows, toys are becoming more cherished for their aesthetic value. Toys today also take on the function of home decor, leading parents to search for toys that are not only safe and great for children but also good in design.

From soft toys to wooden, toys for infants and toys on wheels, here’s what we’ve been loving!

Soft Toys:

Plushie toys from dolls to puppets can be enjoyed by all ages whether they stir imagination, provide comfort, or simply provide great hugs.

These squishy dolls provide the perfect amount of squish and plush, making the perfect huggable companion. The Unicorn Plush, Cat Plush, and Lion Plush dolls are a part of OMAMImini’s newest release of kids’ toys and decorations, and the lovable Sleeping Monster Plush can also function as a pillow.

Puppets are great for imaginative ones who can put on puppet productions at home. From left to right we pictured the Ouistitine Polar Bear and Brown Puppy Puppets. These puppets are handcrafted using up-cycled wool sweaters and blankets, so they're environmentally sustainable too.

These Slumber Sloths are oh-so adorable and sweet. They’re specifically made to promote relaxation and aid sleep with soft silk material, making the perfect snuggle-buddy.

Wooden Toys:

Many parents have been leaning towards wooden toys for their children because they don’t contain the chemicals and toxins that may be in plastic or other types of toys. Plus, they’re hard to break, making them a safe option for kids who like to put toys in their mouth. In addition, they help kids learn about shape and texture.

Danish designer, Kay Bojesen, designed these Alphabet Blocks that were used by Danish schools to teach spelling in the 1950s. The design had never been produced outside of school use before, but now your child can learn from them at home—a toy with history and educational value!

These stacking puzzles stimulate logical thinking while their fun shapes add a dimension of imagination and creativity. The Elephant Family Puzzle is thoroughly processed to avoid any sharp or rough edges. The Animal Play Set includes 10 different animals that can stack in different ways.

Toys on Wheels:

Toys on wheels whether they are toy cars or wagons are known to be beneficial, and some may say essential, for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

From left to right, the Blue 74 Car, Ghost Car, and Milk Truck are part of OMAMImini’s new toy collection featuring a number of retro-feel vehicles, each with its own personality. They’re great collectors’ items and totally fun for imaginative speed racer scenarios. Vroom-vroom!

Kid wagons are great for toddlers as they provide some physical activity and help develop motor skills, a sense of responsibility and exposure to safety awareness. On the left is a little Wooden Carriage your child can push its dolls around in, and on the right we have a Chest on Wheels to transport precious cargo—toys and plushies—around the house. With a sleek, monochrome design, this toy doesn’t disrupt a minimalistic or monochrome style room.

The children’s version of a Vespa, this Primo Ride-On Push Scooter is inspired by the design of a classic Italian scooter but made fit for kids. With a retro feel, this scooter is welded by hand for high quality assurance. It’s available in four bright shades to add a pop of color and style to home decor as well.

For Infants:

Baby toys need to be stimulating and interactive as they are constantly developing new skills, but there is a safety factor that requires a separate category of toys for infants.

Crib mobiles have been go-to piece of baby entertainment since forever. The sweet Bunny Mobile and adorable Llama Cactus Mobile are light and warm in color, making it pleasant and peaceful to look at.

This little set of 3 tumbling toys have adorable friendly faces. Each ball is different: one has a mirror, the other a fluffy material, and the last one is a rattle, providing auditory, visual, and texture stimulators

Day gyms provide physical and sensory development as they encourage little ones to reach up and play with the different types of toys that dangle above their heads. The Macrame Play Gym and Space Gym are both minimalist in design and catered to touch senses with their textures—as opposed to sound—so you can relax while they play.