Summer Family Photo Outfit Ideas 2019

by Ola Omami on June 19, 2019

Besides the holiday season, the Summertime is also a great time for family photos—mainly because the kids are off school and now you can finally make time for those portraits you’ve been wanting to take. But when it comes down to what theme, setting, and overall feel of the photos you want to capture, one of the hardest parts of organizing a family photoshoot is figuring out what everybody is going to wear.

Here at OMAMImini, we’re all about keeping it clean and minimalistic yet stylish at the same time. So we’ve come up with aesthetic outfit ideas for your children according to a couple of themes to help you put together the perfect family lookbook. From casual to formal and indoor to outdoor family photo ideas, these classic looks can apply.

Let us know what theme you ended up going for and which looks you enjoyed!


Crisp Blues

A common summer family photo color scheme is white and blue, and there’s a reason why. Not only do these colors suit every skin tone, but these bright shades give off the fresh and optimistic energy that people want—especially in combination with summer lighting.


From left to right, the Organza Layered Dress and Striped Organza Tank Dress (which can also be layered with a Puffed Sleeve Blouse like the 3rd photo) make for equally comfortable and chic outfits, especially fitting for a more formal look.


You can never go wrong with a classic button-down shirt, like this Light Blue one or a simple white one. Whether paired with a T-shirt under or worn on it’s own, the shirt is a versatile piece that will compliment any theme.


The preppy feel of the soft blue Striped Shirtdress on the left is great for family photos that opt on the more formal side. The Chambray Kimono Cardigan on the right is a great option for outdoor family photo ideas that are more casual.



On the other hand, you can take the opposite approach and go for a sophisticated and classic all-black family look. When it comes to family photos, black is often associated with a good combo for the holidays. But why not make a statement and prove that black can also look fresh for the summer?


The wide fit of the elegant Black Layered Organza Dress offers a breezy feel that people usually wouldn’t associate with the color black, that is, until they see this dress.


The Voile Midi Skirt and Blouse are also great examples of achieving a fresh summer look in Black. Who says Black can’t be a summer color?



Sometimes, you want to feel a little bit extra and add some oomph to your outfit. What better time than for the family photoshoot? Take the #ootd and “fit pics” to the next level along with your family.


The Himalayan Pink Faux Fur Vest and Faux Afghan Fur Cap Sleeve Top are perfectly posh and stylish, making for adorable outfits to match with mom.


These empowering t-shirts from the GRL PWR collection read Fearless and Almighty,” and are available in mommy sizes too, making them ideal for mom and daughter outfits. They can be dressed up with a stylish skirt or kept simple with jeans.

Matching Patterns

Patterns are a fun way to showcase the individuality and playfulness of the family. Unique patterns add a more casual element to summer family photos to create a less posed, more candid collection of memories.


This Onigiri pattern is simple and unique at the same time—not to mention adorable. It comes in a T-shirt dress and Terry Romper.


Opt for more minimal patterns or neutral colors to balance out graphics—patterns don’t have to be cluttered or messy. Here, we paired matching Japanese Soda T-Shirts with the Windowpane Indigo Midi Skirt and Pleated Trousers for cute brother-sister outfits.