OMAMImamas: Bonnie Tsang

by Ola Omami on January 29, 2020

We've been following the uber talented photographer Bonnie Tsang well before OMAMImini came to life and always admired her vision. Her unique eye and minimal approach has been always inspiring and we're thrilled to share some of her insights on style and motherhood with you. 


My name is Bonnie Tsang. I came from Hong Kong (lived there for 12 years), but Los Angeles is where I call home. I have two daughters, Venise and Henri. Venise just turned 16 and Henri is 3 years old. They are a complete opposite of each other - Venise is quiet, a thinker and wise, Henri is outgoing, an explorer and loud. But they are both confident and know what they want in life, which I, myself, am still learning how to achieve that.

Henri is wearing our ruffled terry dress in black


How would you define your parenting style and has that changed overtime (or from kid to kid)? Your kids are so far apart I imagine it would be very different.

My parenting style hasn't changed much between two kids - it is always about letting them be who they are and I act as their guidance. Maybe because I grew up being told what to do and I wasn't allowed to be who I was, so it's important to me to not let my view of the world be the box to contain them.

What’s one part of parenting that you have been doing differently than your parents did?

Definitely not using the word "no" and spend time to explain my thoughts.


What has been the most challenging part of motherhood for you so far and how have you been dealing with it?

With my first girl, I was a single mom. The challenge during that time was making ends meet and being there for my kid. I had a fulltime job and I was shooting weddings on weekends. Asking for help was difficult at first, but eventually it was for the best.

With my second girl, I've learned about taking time off and self care, so the challenge is scheduling the right amount of family time, work time and me time. Communication with my husband is key. We have weekly meetings to go through our schulde, as well as checking in on each other to see what we need (mentally and physically).

Any advice or parenting hacks you like sharing with new moms?

Talking to people, always. It's easy to stay in our own heads when there is a pile of things to do. I'm always sharing with my husband and friends about my struggles, random thoughts and fears either through text message or in person. It helps to create space in our heads, so we can have more clarity.

Henri is wearing our cats and hats grandpa cardigan in black


How did you get into freelance photography and how long did it take to define your personal style?

Photography started out as a hobby. When I became a single mom and needed extra income, I got into wedding photography since it's mostly a weekend job. I don't have a definite personal style, it's always changing.

Do you feel like you personally and your life have changed a lot after becoming a mom? In what way?

Oh, so much has changed! I definitely appreciate everything more. I was really clueless about life and I had no sense of self, but now I am paying more attention to my inner world, so that I can show my kids they are not just living in this world, but the world is living inside of them.

I know you've been a single mom for a while so it can't be easy but it always felt to me that you managed to stay true to yourself and see so much beauty in the mundane. I wonder if it's easier or harder with kids?

There are days when it's easy, but there are days when it's hard. When it gets hard, I have to remember to clear my head to gain clarity. For instance, as I'm typing this, the wind is blowing and I can hear the leaves swaying. If my mind is clouded, I wouldn't be able to appreciate the sound or even notice it, but right now, with a clear head, the sound is warming my heart.


How do you describe your personal style?

Neutral, simple, timeless.

Does this affect how you dress your children? If yes, how so? If not, why not?

Yes and no. As much as I try to dress them in neutrals, grandparents always gift something colorful. Also, my girls know what they want, so my 16-year old is exploring her personal style and my 3-year old is princess all the time.

What are some of your favorite OMAMImini pieces and why?

Can I just say EVERYTHING? If you can make adult sizes, that'd be great too. I love OMAMImini because while the designs are simple and timeless, they are also unique from the mass commercial market.

Henri is wearing our ruffled terry dress in black
You can follow Bonnie on Instagram @bonnietsang and here @bonnietsangstudio; or check out her work on her website.


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