Kids' Room Storage Solutions

by Ola Omami on December 20, 2019

Here at OMAMIMini we believe that you never should have to sacrifice style while also being practical and useful. Having said that, we also know that storing all the toys, accessories, arts and crafts supplies, etc. all while keeping everything looking oh-so-cute and NOT like a tornado just hit can be kind of a challenge.

Here are some ideas that we've been loving recently when it comes to tackling the task of simultaneously keeping your aesthetic alive, and storing your mini-me's essentials around the house. 

1. Shelving



We absolutely love simple, minimalistic shelving paired with neutral tones and wooden textures. It makes for such a clean and modern aesthetic that feels whimsical and classic. Fun-shaped shelving adds a simple but powerful touch to  the look of any room or play area, while also being practical. Shelving shouldn't have a ton of stuff on them, just favorite toys, books, and accessories that you want to display. And it's important to note to not worry too much about what kind of shelves you decide to pick. It's what is on the shelves that really makes up the feel of the room.

Some wooden toys that we love that would also look awesome on your kids' shelves: 

2. Storage Bins
Obviously you can't expect to store everything your kid has accumulated over time only on cute, minimalist shelving. For larger items and things that are fun to play with but less of a cool decorative items, we love big, soft bins that almost look like bags that you can throw any items in that didn't make it onto shelves. We prefer these natural-material storage bins because they keep things feeling comfortable and soft while still being roomy and practical. 
We also love roomy picnic-esque wicker baskets used as toy chests, they add such a cute touch to any little one's room while being so useful. 
Some great bin options : 
3. Storage Furniture
Storage furniture is arguably the best, most efficient way to set up your kids' rooms. You can sit, jump, play, study, and read on them, and store more items inside them. Absolutely perfect for the everyday chaos of being a kid and if you are looking to fill up a room mindfully, with limited space to work with. We think white furniture is the easiest to decorate around, there are so many color palette options that would never clash with clean, white furniture. But we understand anything white is a risk when it comes to little ones. Up to you if you're feeling daring.
Some awesome storage furniture that would definitely make life easier :
We hope this was helpful to any parent who is tackling the difficult task of not only decorating their kids' rooms, but making it comfortable, neat, and organized for them to grow up in. Best of luck to you. x
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