How to Style Denim Outfits for the 4th of July

by Ola Omami on July 01, 2019

How to Style Denim Outfits for the Fourth of July

Fourth of July is just around the corner and this year and instead of opting for the tacky red-striped pants and star-spangled tees, please join us in embracing the all-American classic fabric: denim. It’s just festive enough to celebrate Independence day without being too loud. 

Our take on denim involves a lot more than just jeans. We put together a number of denim-inspired Fourth of July outfits for kids that show just how versatile and sophisticated denim can be. 

Matching Denim for Siblings

What better way to celebrate this family-oriented holiday than in coordinating outfits? These matching denim outfits for siblings fall perfectly into the holiday theme and not to mention make for adorable Instagram photos (wink wink). 


  1. Girl: Dolman Sleeve Dress Boy: Japanese Soda Print Tee
  2. Girl: Boxy Graphic Tee, ¾ Skirt in Striped Organza Boy: Windowpane Pleated Trousers, White Graphic Tee Baby: Windowpane Pleated Trousers, Indigo Kimono Cardigan
  3. Girl: Light Blue Racerback Jumpsuit Boy: Boys Pleated Trousers

Denim Red

To embrace a denim theme doesn’t mean you are strictly limited to blue. After all, American colors are red, white and blue. This red wash of denim adds the perfect pop of color without being predictable.

  1.  Fit and Flare Shirtdress and Red Stripe Slip-on Canvas Shoes


One-pieces are easy, simple, and most importantly comfortable, making the perfect infant outfits. These jumpers will have your kids comfortable and stylish all day long. You could even pair it with a jean jacket for a double denim outfit that is chic and sophisticated. 

  1. Windowpane Indigo Jumpsuit
  2. Indigo Chambray Jumpsuit
  3. Windowpane Light Blue Jumpsuit
  4. Dark Denim Jumpsuit

Dressed Up In Indigo

And for those who like to get a little more formal for Independence Day, whether it’s a summer night party or a nice brunch, these girls’ outfits are perfect. Though they aren’t made of actual denim material, these shades of indigo stay true to the authentic and neutral quality of denim. These outfits could also be paired with a denim jacket for when the night gets a little chilly while watching the fireworks.

  1. Striped Organza Layered Dress
  2. Blouse with Puffy Sleeves and Striped Organza Layered Dress

Denim-Friendly Graphics

Simple graphics are perfect for pairing with denim. These outfits prioritize comfort and are great for kids who are more active or for events like going to a carnival or fair. With denim-inspired trousers and skirts in a subtle windowpane pattern, these outfits are not as constricting as real denim fabric but give off a similar look.

  1. Indigo Windowpane Trousers, Soda Print T-Shirt
  2. Indigo Windowpane Midi Skirt, Almighty T-Shirt
  3. Light Blue Windowpane Trousers, Soda Print T-Shirt
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