Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

by Ola Omami on April 30, 2019

Ditch the pinks and blues and aim for a gender-neutral design! It’s finally becoming more common for parents to go for a neutral colored nursery as the traditional idea of “blue is for boys” and “pink is for girls” is evolving. You have probably met some parents patient enough to even skip the gender reveal altogether and add an element of surprise to the whole process. That doesn’t mean they can’t be prepared though.

We're strong advocates of not compromising on style with all things kids related and it's only natural for us to opt for a nursery that functions as an extension of the rest of our living space, rather than clashing with it.

Here are some gender (and color) neutral nursery ideas to help stir your creative process: 

1. Natural Wood


Natural wood paired with bright whites freshens up a room and provides overall positive energy. Having a simple color palette makes it easy to add special touches to create a certain feel. Adding a tribal throw blanket and more rustic decor makes the nursery more down to earth, while plants can add a lively touch of color. For a more lullaby feel, you can add moon and star decals.

2. Black and White

Black and white is a classic combo and the perfect way to steer away from gendered colors. Sticking to such a neutral palette allows us to pay more attention to shapes, textures, and patterns. With fun shapes and patterns, these black and white nurseries are kid-friendly.

3. Color

Not all gender-neutral nurseries need to be neutral in color. Here are a few examples that prove colors don’t need to be gendered. Even blues and pinks can work neutrally by using offbeat versions, like mauve pinks and gray-toned blues.


4. Wall Decals

Incorporating graphic wallpapers or wall decals is an easy way to add some fun design elements. The busier the wallpaper, the simpler the nursery design can be as the wall will speak for itself. Meaning: this also could be super budget-friendly. 

What's your favorite option?