DIY Summer 2019 Crafts for Kids

by Ola Omami on June 09, 2019

When you’re a kid, summer is everything—poolside weather, popsicles, and most importantly no school. On the other hand, summer break has its stressful aspects for parents as it means a lot more free time in your children’s schedules to fill. Especially as a working mom, sometimes I just need something to keep my kids occupied as I finish up tasks at home.

Crafts are a great way to keep your kids away from the computer screens, especially on summer days where it can get pretty hot outdoors. Plus, there’s always an end product with crafts whether it can be a toy, decoration, or simply a good tangible piece of memory. Whether you’re looking for an activity to keep the kids busy or one that provides quality time, crafts can be the answer you’re looking for.

Below, we’ve listed 8 easy and fun crafts to get those creative juices flowing this summer:


  1. Though this photo is of heart-shaped stamps, the potato blocks can really be cut into any shape of choice and stamped with any color. Potato Stamping leaves lots of room for imagination and is a fun way to incorporate food into crafts (but make sure they don’t actually eat the potatoes...).
  2. Sponges are also a squishy and fun tool to use for stamping. You could even turn it into a DIY home decoration by stamping a Polka Dot Wall.


Incorporating Nature

These printable sketches allow your kids to reach a new level of coloring books. They can ditch the crayons and markers and go outside to find their new tools. Nature Paper Dolls are an innovative and fun way for your kids to get one with nature and think outside the box.


For Rock Painting, you only need three things—and two of them are free—: rocks, Sharpies, and creativity. Go on a mini-scavenger adventure at a local park or even the backyard for nice, flat-surfaced rocks. Then wash them off and get creative with colorful Sharpies for a fun result of forever memories.


Similar to Rock Painting, Painted Leaves are also a great way to use nature as a canvas.



  1. When it comes to craft ideas, DIY jewelry is a must. This Pom Pom Necklace is mess-free and so easy. Open the curtains, turn up some tunes, have a fun little jewelry-making playdate and come out of it with some fresh summer gear.
  2. Finding ways to incorporate education with kids entertainment is really exciting for us parents, and this Pom Pom Solar System does just that. Help them memorize the solar system as they get busy on this little project.


Cardboard/Paper Crafts

Don’t play with matches! But empty matchboxes, that might be another story. This adorable Tiny Theatre is made from a cut-out matchbox. Super easy, personalizable, and your kids can put on little shows with their fingers—how cute is that?


  1. This is one of the more intricate crafts for those who like a little challenge. These Paper Hot Rods can be personalized with different symbols and names, and make for great toys once complete. 
  2. Printable Apple Boxes are the perfect craft for the start of summer as it can be a cute gift for children to thank their teacher with. It can be filled with gummy worms, or any choice of candy really.