15 Easter Basket Ideas for Any Kid

by Ola Omami on April 11, 2019

The sun shines longer, the breezes feel warmer, and the flowers are blooming. Spring has arrived! As much as we look forward to spring fashion and outdoor activities, one thing we love about this season is Easter. It’s a day filled with crafts and yummy food to enjoy with your loved ones; who doesn’t enjoy that?

Memories of Easter Sundays are filled with scavenging for hidden chocolates and marshmallows in plastic, colorful eggs—the Easter tradition. But you don’t need actual sugar to sweeten your day. In fact, we’ve selected 15 items from accessories to toys for fun Easter gift ideas that will surely sweeten this holiday, minus the cavities.


1. Wooden Pull Toy Wagon

This wagon set is not only cute and minimal in design, but also supports the development of motor skills in children.

2. Mint Bunny Baby Booties

Bunnies and Easter go hand-in-hand. With that being said, these booties make the perfect Easter gift.

3. Baby Striped Shirtdress Light Blue

A shirtdress is always a good idea. Not only does it look put together, but it also provides free mobility—which is imperative if you know how intense easter egg hunts can get.

4. Knit Rattle - Gray Lamb

This soft, plush lamb rattle is simple in design with clean, muted colors.

5. Kids Loafer with Pom

Black is the last color we think of when it comes to Springtime, but we couldn’t resist the fact that these poms remind us of bunny tails.

6. Lamb Rattle

Yes, another lamb rattle...but they are just so cute. This one is handmade with organic bamboo

7. Boys Light Blue Pleated Trousers

These stylish trousers can be paired with a matching button-up or white top for a breezy and crisp Springtime look.

8. Hazel Village Firefly TuTu Bundle with Juliette Rabbit

This lovely set has a princess feel and allows the child to dress up with her new rabbit companion.

9. T-Shirt with Bunny Print

With a snow bunny graphic, this shirt is perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring. 

10. Scandi Bunny Wooden Mirror

This child-safe acrylic mirror adds an adorable touch to your nursery or kid’s room. 

11. Grey Bunny Puppet

Kids can showcase their imaginative minds with a puppet production featuring this cozy, handcrafted bunny.

12. Sleeping Monster Plush/Pillow

For those who want to stray away from the predictable bunny. This huggable, plushie monster comes in peace.

13. Baby Barrette Set (Birds)

This barrette set is a fun way to accessorize for the blooming season. 

14. Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)

This bestselling book is an interactive one that any child will enjoy.

15. Wooden Bunny Children Chair

This customized wooden chair is fun, yet minimal in design.